The Best Ways to Earn Extra Cash For Travel

One of the most common responses we get when we talk to people about traveling is that they are not financially able to make it work. Being able to afford to travel comes down to shifting priorities, putting in some effort, and having a little bit of patience. We have talked in our blogs before about how to save money, but sometimes you can't stretch your paycheck to put anything into that savings account.

So let's get proactive and take a different approach! Below are a few ways you can earn extra cash for travel! Some of these sites have created major results for us in the past; allowing us to supplement our incomes with money on the side. And because we were busy working, we didn't have time to spend frivolusly. Remember that earning extra money is all about the effort you put in! Set a goal and make it a challenge to watch that savings account fill up. All hail the side hustle!

This one may seem a little obvious, but bear with us. There are major perks to doing part time work like serving tables, babysitting, ride sharing or retail. Flexible scheduling and opportunities to work after regular office hours to start. There are many part time employers who are looking for people to fill busy evenings and weekends, even allowing as little as 8-10 hours a week, so it's easy to fit it in with your normal 9 to 5. The possibilities are almost endless. You can search for positions locally or there are multiple websites to get you started finding remote work.

  • (highly recommended) - Child, Elder, Pet Care, Housekeeping
  • - Tutoring multiple disciplines
  • Uber or Lyft - Driving for ride sharing services
  • TaskRabbit - Quick home repair and maintence jobs
  • - Hourly work in mutliple industries
  • - Multiple Industries, thousands of industries
  • Thumbtack - Customer driven requests for work
  • Craigslist - Multiple Industries (local)
  • Zirtual - Virtual Assistant & more

This kind of work means that you will work with a company for the duration of a project or set period of time. Depending on your skill set, there are hundreds of freelance websites with contract jobs ready for the taking. Many freelance opportunities can be completed in off-hours and from anywhere with an internet connection (so you could actually continue to work from the road if you chose). From writing to construction to accounting to design, there are openings in a great deal of industries. Each website is different, but most will require a little bit of work up front to create your profile, provide samples and portfolios, and begin to bid on jobs. Some websites will be more general, while others will focus on one particular category. 

There are multiple apps and websites that help you easily ditch items in your house that can make you money (and that you probably want to get rid of anyways)! We love this concept because downsizing and simplifying not only can make you cash, it will help you organize your life and make traveling easier in general. Less stuff means less responsibility and more freedom to do what you please! There are so many apps and websites available now that essentially make everyday a garage sale! You simply snap a photo of the item with your phone, provide a description, and set a price! Remember that good lighting and clear photos make items sell quicker!

Whether it's handmade goods, a practical new invention, artwork, or some unique crafts, there are plenty of marketplaces to sell for cash. Depending on your long term goals, you can make your jump into retail as simple or complex as you'd like; you can use marketplace apps or create an e-commerce site for your goods. Make sure you leverage periods of time around holidays when people are looking for gifts to buy!

  • Etsy (highly recommended) - Marketplace for handmade and vintage goods, and supplies
  • Society6 - Sell artwork and designs and apply it to multiple products that the website sells
  • Amazon Handmade - Marketplace for handmade goods
  • Weebly - Create your own online store to sell your goods

Not to sing our own praises, but if you want to earn cash for traveling, our referral program is super easy and straightforward. Anyone who uses your name in the referral box at the time of booking will earn you $50 in cash, or in credit you can use toward one of our group trips. Once we receive their deposit with your name on it, we contact you and send you your money via PayPal. The best part is, we're not the only company offering programs like this. You can make extra cash and/or earn free products by simply being a brand ambassador for your favorite products and services! You can read the articles below to take advantage of more of these opportunities:

When you're trying to make side hustles work, the key is creativity. Here are a few more options that you can earn you extra money:

Sites like The PennyHoarder are fantastic resources for tips and tricks for saving and spending wisely. We also find that joining Facebook groups (like Side Hustle Nation) based around savings and financial goals can help provide a daily reminder in your news feed of what others are doing to achieve goals similar to yours! 

What kinds of things do you do to make extra cash for travel??? 
Let us know in the comments below!!!