way to travel

Saves You Money

Because we build our trips around group discounts, you will save money as compared to booking each accommodation, shuttle, activity, etc. individually. We save you up to 20% on various elements of your trip. And the best part is, we take care of it for you!

Safety in Numbers

Your safety and well-being on the road is super important to us; which is why we are such huge advocates for traveling in a group. The buddy system is still around because it works! As much as we all want to think we can be responsible for ourselves, it's nice knowing there's someone (or multiple people) looking out for you as well. 

Less To Stress About

Group travel means you're not planning every moment of your trip on your own. Your itinerary is already set (so you know what to expect), but is always fluid, so you always have the option to join in, but have the freedom to enjoy your trip how you please. 

Friends For Life

Traveling provides some of life's most memorable experiences and having someone there to experience it with is pretty special. There really is nothing like the bond that forms while traveling; creating memories that transcend any experience you could possibly have at home. (And, it helps to have a crew to help you crush post-trip blues. Seriously, our trip group messages last FOREVER)

It's Always a Party

You never need to worry about being lonely when you're traveling with a group. There's almost always someone to hang with. Having a group keeps things high energy and fun. And oppositely, you'll never feel guilty for wanting to fly solo for a day; there are plenty of other people to keep the rest of the group occupied.

New Perspectives

New experiences require an open mind, and traveling with a group can enhance your perspective on the world around you. Group travel gives you the opportunity to learn from other people and connect on a deeper level than you would during normal day to day interactions.