Costa Ricans live by the phrase PURA VIDA, which translates to "Pure Life," and there couldn't be a better term to describe the feeling you get when visiting this bEAUTIFUL country! 

Costa Rica has been named the happiest country in the world. It offers miles of gorgeous beach coastlines, incredible biodiversity, a rich, historic culture, and a quarter of it's landmass protected as national parks and wildlife reserves. And the locals are very friendly; quick to grab your hand to salsa or recommend a delicious restaurant. 

Get ready for adventures filled with diverse experiences, exotic animals, vast landscapes, and plenty of delicious gallo pinto. This natural paradise is calling your name!


Coast of Costa Rica (7 Days from $750)

One week on the beaches of Costa Rica's western coastline and you'll understand why people come from all over the world to experience it! We'll kickstart your Costa Rican experience in San Jose where you'll get a healthy dose of Tico culture; hopefully with a lot of dancing, drinks, and entertainment! This country's biodiversity extends well beyond it's inland reserves and parks, all the way to the beaches of Manuel Antonio. You'll explore nature up close and personal as you hike this beautiful national park, and then enjoy its protected beaches. You'll be snorkeling with native fish and you might even swim with turtles or rays! Then when we head to Tamarindo, you'll learn quickly why it's known for it's combination of gorgeous surfing beaches and exciting nightlife. There, you'll learn to surf with some seasoned pros, and wrap up the beach life with a catamaran booze cruise to soak up your final Costa Rican sunset. 

Costa Rican Adventure (7 Days from $750)

Is your cubicle slowly closing in on you? This trip is for all of you that need to get a HUGE dose of PURA VIDA before your soul is lost in a cave of TPS reports. What better way to blow off steam than barreling your way through Costa Rica's most incredible natural environments? We'll kick things off in Liberia, where the Costa Rican Sabanero (cowboy) culture reigns. Maybe we'll even catch a rodeo! Then we head to Monteverde and it's famous cloud forest. We won't waste any time getting ourselves into the rain forest by doing a night tour to see the animals that only appear in the dark. But don't stay out too late because the next day will not be for the faint of heart. The cloud forest sky walk will take us on bridges among the trees. Then we'll get the adrenaline pumping with extreme zip lining (get ready to feel like Superman). The next stop will be Arenal Volcano and the neighboring town of La Fortuna. We will simmer in hot springs heated by the volcano, white water raft on Class III & IV rapids, and traverse one of the most amazing waterfalls in Central America. And just when you think you've done it all, we'll hike alongside the towering Arenal Volcano. 

Pura Vida (14 days from $1450)

Do you need to see all of what the happiest country in the world has to offer? This itinerary combines both the Coast of Costa Rica and Costa Rican Adventure trips into one. 14 amazing days of culture, the best of what mother nature has to offer, and the most brag-worthy activities you could ever do in one trip. The only warning we can offer is to be prepared to never want to go home.